ITCF – The Swedish higher education CIO-forum

All 37 universities and university colleges in Sweden that are members of The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions are members of ITCF (16 universities, 17 university colleges and 4 university art colleges).


  • A large number of new requirements have arisen in recent years and these have been solved ”ad hoc” with varying results
  • Two networks for IT executives existed previously, UNITCF for universities and HITCF for university colleges. These networks have been perceived as productive and have provided a great platform for exchanging experiences. But in order to meet future challenges, more common and concrete activities that deliver common benefits are required.
  • A joint network, ITCF, was created 2017 to meet the above challenges


ITCF is the obvious and natural partner in business development to drive and quality assurance digitalization in the higher education sector


  • Vision and strategies
  • Purchase and procurement cooperation
  • Networking groups
  • Projects and assignments

Activities in all areas are run by the institutions that are interested in participating in each specific activity. If there are costs for any of the activities in these areas, they are shared between participating universities and colleges.


ITCF is governed through a steering committee consisting of four CIO´s that are elected by all members of the forum.


Johan Johansson, President

+46 (0)70 294  93 27


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